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Our role as a Scandinavian tour operator is to put together the best of what our destination has to offer, and thus create package tours with the flexibility and variations to match the requirements of travellers from across the world. Either with the flexibility offered by our independent tours or by the security of our escorted tours.

Our tours

Our most popular tours include the spectacular Norwegian Fjords, the Scandinavian Capitals and cruises with Hurtigruten along the Norwegian coastline, or combinations of all. In addition we offer a number of package tours to Sweden, including the Göta Canal and Inland Railway. Winter tours to both Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland have become more and more popular, especially tours in search of the Northern Lights.

Winter tours to Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland have become more and more popular, especially tours in search of the Northern Lights. Other popular winter tour ingredients are the ice hotels, dog sledding, snowmobile safaris, whale safaris, Sami experiences, Hurtigruten cruises and much more.

Due to an increasing interest in active holidays we have also created package tours including hiking, biking, glacier walks, rafting and much more.

Flexibility by Authentic Scandinavia

Start locations
Most of our tours can commence in more than one city. This is due to the fact that different points of entry to Scandinavia may be convenient for travellers from different parts of the world. In addition, since many of our tours cover a large area, the tours often start and end in different locations to avoid repeating the same distances. These tours often come with the possibility to choose direction of travel. We offer detailed day-by-day tour description and travel documents for each start location available for our tours.

Hotel Categories
The majority of our tours are available with a choice of two different hotel categories:

Hotel Category 1 includes hotel accommodation at modern business class hotels or at unique hotel properties like for example manor houses or historic hotels of Scandinavia. Some hotels are also selected due to their location and charming atmosphere. The hotel level equals 4 to 4+ stars according to Scandinavian standard.

Hotel Category 2 includes hotel accommodation at good tourist class hotels. The hotel level equals 3 to 4 stars according to Scandinavian standard.

Please be aware that Scandinavia does not have an official star rating of hotels; ratings indicated are for comparison only. The hotel standard in Scandinavia is generally high. With a choice of two hotel categories you have the freedom to decide for yourself if you would like to pay extra for a higher standard of accommodation or not. However, in some locations different hotel categories are not possible. In these cases we have included the same hotel in both categories.

Additional Services
Our tour packages can be modified to include extra hotel nights and additional travel services, i.e. sightseeing, excursions and activities. An overview of the additional services can be found under add-ons for each tour.

Tour combinations
We offer a wide range of Scandinavia tours, ranging in duration from 3-18 days. Several of our tours can easily be combined, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find your dream vacation at first glance.

Our tour types
We have divided our tours into different categories based on ways of travel. Please note that all independent tours are non-escorted, but we provide detailed travel itineraries which make it easy for you to find your way.

Please find further information about the different tour types and products we offer below:
About Independent Rail Tours
About Escorted Coach Tours
About Independent Short Break
About Self Drive Tours

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