Northern Lights Cruise - 6 days

Norway Winter Tours, start in Tromsø


Tour details

Combine the Northern Light city of Tromsø with a 3-day cruise with Hurtigruten; Tromsø-Kirkenes-Tromsø. Visit the North Cape and join exotic winter activities including dog sledding, snowmobile safaris and more. Possibility to break the tour in Kirkenes to include the Ice Hotel.
The selected tour can commence in Tromsø.

Day 01: Tromsø – the city of the Northern Lights

  • Arrival in Tromsø according to your own itinerary.
  • Recommended winter activities:
    • Northern Lights Dog-Sledding
    • Northern Lights at Holmeslet Farm
    • Northern Lights Sightseeing.
  • Accommodation in Tromsø.
  • Day 02: Tromsø – evening cruise departure with Hurtigruten

    • Breakfast at the hotel.
    • Day at leisure in Tromsø.
    • Recommended attractions:
      • Arctic Cathedral
      • Polar Museum
      • Tromsø Gondola lift
      • Polaria Arctic Aquarium
      • Mack brewery
    • Hurtigruten cruise departure:
      • Embarkation/check-in commences at 14:30 hrs
      • Check-in at least 30 minutes before departure
      • Departure from Tromsø at 18:30 hrs
      • Dinner onboard Hurtigruten.
    • Shore excursions can be booked in advance (see add-ons).
    • Accommodation onboard Hurtigruten (unspecified cabin category).

    Day 03: Cruise to Honningsvåg / Optional North Cape Excursion

    • Hurtigruten Cruise.
    • Attractions along the coast:
      • The North Cape (only on shore excursion)
      • Fishing station
      • Sværholdtklubben, bird cliffs
      • Finnkjerka, mountain formation
    • Optional Shore Excursions:
      • The North Cape (all year)
      • Lapland Snowmobile Safari (Dec 15-May 10)
    • Breakfast buffet & dinner onboard.
    • Accommodation onboard Hurtigruten.

    Day 04: Cruise to Kirkenes - located by the Russian boarder

    • Hurtigruten Cruise arrival in Kirkenes at 09:00 hrs.
    • Attractions along the coast:
      • Kirkenes, the turning point of the journey
    • Optional Shore Excursions:
      • The Russian Boarder (all year)
      • Barents Snowmobile Safari (Dec 15-May 5)
      • Kirkenes Snow Hotel (Dec 20-May 1)
      • Husky Adventure Kirkenes (Dec 1-May 1)
    • Departure from Kirkenes at 12:30 hrs
    • Attractions along the coast:
      • Vardø, Norway’s most easterly town.
      • Vardøhus Fortification
    • Optional Shore Excursions:
      • None
    • Breakfast buffet & dinner onboard.
    • Accommodation onboard Hurtigruten.

    Day 05: Return cruise to Tromsø

    • Hurtigruten Cruise.
    • Attractions along the coast:
      • Hammerfest
      • Tromsø by night
    • Optional Shore Excursions:
      • Hammerfest, Northernmost town in the world (Nov 1-March 15)
      • Snowmobile trip in the Polar night (Dec 15-May 10)
      • Midnight Concert at Arctic Cathedral (All year)
    • Breakfast buffet & dinner onboard.
    • Arrival in Tromsø at 23:45 hrs.
    • Accommodation in Tromsø.

    Day 06: Departure from Tromsø

    • Breakfast at the hotel.
    • Departure from Tromsø according to your own itinerary.
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    About the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

    If you are outdoors one evening during wintertime you might catch a glimpse of some flickering curtains of lights, apparently dancing across the dark sky. This is Northern Lights - Nature's own firework.

    Facts about Northern Lights:

    • The Northern Lights are particles that are hurled into space after storms on the sun’s surface. They are attracted by the magnetic North Pole (and South Pole) and enter the atmosphere in a ring-like zone around the poles.
    • The best places to see the Northern Lights are above the arctic circle, making Northern Scandinavia ideal for Northern Lights observations.
    • The Northern Lights are visible between November and March when the sky is dark and clear, depending on the Northern Lights activity.
    • The best chances of spotting the Northern Lights are away from the lights of the city centres.
    • The greatest frequency is between 6 pm and 2 am.
    • Patience and dedication will pay off. The Northern Lights may be visible for a couple of minutes or most of the evening.
    • Most of the Northern Lights outbursts visible in Northern Scandinavia are green, but large outbursts can also include other colors.
    • Northern Lights observations are never guaranteed.

    How to increase your chances of experiencing the Northern Lights:

    • Go on a Northern Lights visit to a dark place away from the city lights. Our Northern Lights hosts provide a lavvo (traditional Saami tent) with an open fire, a hot drink and a slice of cake while you are waiting for the Northern Lights to appear.
    • Participate in an evening activity like dog sledding, a sleigh ride, a trip with reindeer and sled, snowshoeing or a cross-country skiing course. This way, you can enjoy a fun winter activity whilst at the same time wait for the Northern Lights to appear.
    • When in Tromsø take bus 37 to Tromsø Museum and take a long stroll along Tromsø Island’s dark western side. Use a couple of hours strolling to the bus terminal at Giæverbukta, from where there are frequent departures to the city centre right up until 11:30pm.
    • Hire cross-country skis at Sportshuset in Tromsø. Go on a long ski trip in the floodlit ski tracks above the city. Good exercise, fresh air, great views and maybe the appearance of the Northern Lights as well. There are also good floodlit ski tracks across the bridge in Tromsdalen.
    • Go on the popular excursion, departing Tromsø by bus at 4pm and arriving in Skjervøy in time to return to Tromsø on the Costal Express Steamer (Hurtigruten). The ship travels through utter darkness and has excellent viewing lounges, which makes it possible to sit inside without missing out on the possibility to see the Northern Lights. It is possible to check the weather forecast and book this tour at the Visitors’ Centre right up until an hour before departure.