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Impact / Sustainability

On this page, we would like to give you an insight into how we work to include sustainable tourism alternatives in your tour, and how we aim to take responsibility to create a more sustainable travel industry.


Our impact

Tourism is one of the most important sectors of the world economy, and one of the fastest-growing. We understand this development puts pressure on the environment and on local populations. We believe that responsible travel is about demonstrating respect for the people, culture, and environment you’re visiting. Everyone has a responsibility to be the best traveler they can and by acting collectively we all win.


Taking Responsibility

Authentic Scandinavia wants to be part of creating a more responsible travel industry. Our impact is focused on providing authentic and meaningful experiences that benefit the local communities and are respectful of the natural environments, the locals, and their cultures to minimize the negative impact on the places we visit. 

As part of our work to achieve a more sustainable environment, we mainly work with local guides, independent accommodation, and responsible partners who share our principle of sustainable development.


Sustainability Certification

It is our duty to ensure that this development takes place in a responsible and sustainable manner. As part of Haman Group, we want to fully engage in sustainable development and that’s why we in 2021 have started on Travelife’s three-stage sustainability certification programme to become Travelife Certified. This is your insurance that we take our responsibility seriously.


Protecting Nature

We support the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC), a non-profit environmental organization, working to spread knowledge, chart environmental threats, propose solutions and influence politicians and authorities, both nationally and internationally.


Read more about their work here.



Our Impact Model

With a conscientious and sustainable focus, we aspire to be Scandinavia’s most reliable and innovative travel provider. We will achieve this by simultaneously working on the three P principle:


People - To ensure that our operations benefit the company's employees as well as the community in which it conducts business. 


Planet – To select and create travel experiences that do not have any negative impact on our ecosystem.


Profit – To create employment, generating innovation, paying taxes, wealth creation, and support local travel enterprises by developing a stable year-round revenue stream.    



Our Sustainability Policy

Our Policy calls to action to guide our sustainable development work and gives details as to what we intend to achieve.


Read our sustainability policy here.



13 Simple Tips for Traveling More Responsibly

Find out how you can make responsible travel choices and have a positive impact on your next tour to Scandinavia.


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