Camp Tamok

Camp Tamok is located in the Tamok valley, a 75 min drive from Tromsø.

Here you can choose to stay in a shared Sami lavvu tent, a shared cabin or in an Aurora chalet. Please inform us at the time of booking of your choice. Spending the night outdoors in winter time is an Arctic experience itself!

Sami lavvu tent:
The lavvu has place for 12 guests. If you choose to sleep in the lavvu tent you will sleep in winter sleeping bags, on top of several reindeer skins. We recommend that you sleep in woolen underwear and a hat. There is also a fireplace which will keep you warm during the night.

Shared cabin:
The cabin is heated with a wood stove and lighted with oil lamps. The cabin has four bedrooms and two lofts, sleeping up to 14 guests. Staying in the cabin can therefore be very social. We recommend that you sleep in woolen underwear.

Aurora Chalet:
The aurora chalet is the most private accommodation, with place for two guests. The cabins are rather small without electricity and water, but heated. One important detail, one of the roofsides of the chalets have a window placed in the direction of the Northern Lights. The bed is placed right under the window, which is the perfect angle for watching the lights. We recommend you to wear woolen underwear.

Breakfast will be served in the main lavvu. Enjoy, feed the fire and drink your coffee or tea or relax in the sauna at the camp. An overnight at Camp Tamok is an unforgettable experience in the Arctic inland of Norway.

Please note: Camp Tamok is a wilderness camp with simple facilities. Toilets and showers are located in a separate building near the lavvu tents. A set menu is served at the main lavvu in the evening; please inform us at least 4 weeks in advance if you have any special dietary requirements.

There are guides at the camp who will help you with any questions you may have during your stay.

We recommend that you bring:

  • Woolen underwear
  • Woolen socks
  • Hats and gloves
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Tromsø: 90 km
  • Cabin (14 persons)
  • Lavvo (12 persons)
  • Chalet (2 persons)
  • Restaurant: No
  • Bar: No
  • Swimming pool: No
  • Sauna: Yes
  • Fitness room: No
  • Parking: Yes
  • Internet: No

Hotel rooms in Scandinavia are generally furnished with twin beds, which can be moved together to form a double bed or placed separately (some hotels have double beds though). Unless otherwise specified all rooms have private bathroom facilities, which are often equipped with a shower instead of a bath. Please note that single rooms are generally smaller than doubles. Purpose-built triple or family rooms are likewise unusual in Scandinavian hotels. Whilst it is possible for 3 persons to share a room, this will normally be formed by a double room with an extra bed. As a result space may be restricted.

Unless otherwise clearly specified a standard room/cabin is included in the tour price.

Contact Information
Lyngsfjord, Norway
+47 77 71 55 88