Reindeer Lodge

The Reindeer Lodge is an eco friendly wilderness camp situated in the taiga forest in Swedish Lapland. During winter you will find enclosures for the reindeer, but in the summer and autumn the camp is used only for accommodation. In order to preserve the wilderness feeling of the lodge it does not have the comfort of a hotel. But what is not available in comfort you gain in cosiness.

Stay in one of the four comfortable wilderness cabins equipped with both wood stove and electric heater.

When staying at the Reindeer Lodge nature is right outside the door. There is no running water at the Reindeer Lodge and the cabins don’t have their own bathrooms. Instead there is a heated lavatory at the Lodge.

The sauna (separate for men and women) is in a separate building and here you can relax in the steaming wood-heated sauna, with a refreshing jump in the powder snow as a final in the winter time.

Reideer Lodge is an excellent starting point for walks in the forest, and in the summer time you can go for a swim in a nearby creek.

Excellent dinners made from local ingredients like reindeer and moose meat and the freshwater fish arctic char is served in the small timber lodge with candle light atmosphere.

Rest and enjoy the sound of the sparkling fire. Enjoy a cosy night snuggled up in your sleeping bag. Arctic wildlife and reindeer are just around the corner as your nearest neighbours.

In winter, if you are lucky the northern lights will sparkle in the sky.

Please note: The Google adress does not provide the exact location of the Reindeer Lodge.

  • Jukkasjärvi : 3 km
  • Number of cabins: 4
  • Handicap cabins: 0
  • Restaurant: No
  • Bar: No
  • Swimming pool: No
  • Sauna: Yes
  • Fitness room: No
  • Parking: No
  • Internet: No

Hotel rooms in Scandinavia are generally furnished with twin beds, which can be moved together to form a double bed or placed separately (some hotels have double beds though). Unless otherwise specified all rooms have private bathroom facilities, which are often equipped with a shower instead of a bath. Please note that single rooms are generally smaller than doubles. Purpose-built triple or family rooms are likewise unusual in Scandinavian hotels. Whilst it is possible for 3 persons to share a room, this will normally be formed by a double room with an extra bed. As a result space may be restricted.

Unless otherwise clearly specified a standard room/cabin is included in the tour price.

Contact Information
Jukkasjärvi, Sweden
+47 2294 1370