Ice Hotel - Art Suite Winter

The Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi was Scandinavia’s first Ice hotel and has been re-built yearly since 1989 from snow and blocks of ice from the Torne River. During the years the ice Hotel has changed from an Igloo of 60 square meters to the world’s largest hotel of ice and snow at about 5500 square meters.

The Art Suite Winter at the Ice Hotel are comfortably furnished with furniture made from ice. The suites are beautifully carved by hand and individually designed by handpicked artists from around the world. The ice art in the Art Suites are more intricate than the art in the Ice Rooms that are included in our Hotel Category 2. You sleep in a thermal sleeping bag on a special bed built of snow and ice, on reindeer skins which will keep you warm and comfortable. We reserve the right to change to an Art Suite in Ice Hotel 365 should the Art Suites Winter be fully booked. The Ice Hotel 365 is a permanent structure located next to the Ice Hotel and offers the same standard, same interior shape and visual design as the original Ice Hotel.

After a day of adventures, nightfall approaches quickly. The outdoor temperature drops and when you step inside the Ice Hotel, you feel a rush of warm air. Inside, the temperature is never colder than -5 °C to -8 °C, regardless of how cold it may be outside. It will soon be time to climb into bed.

Please note that you will not be able to take your personal belongings into the Ice Hotel as they will freeze. They will be stored in the warm service building next door to the Ice Hotel where you will also find the bathroom areas and sauna.

Staying at an ice hotel is a must for the modern adventurer – an experience utterly unlike other hotel stays.

We recommend that you sleep in:

  • woolen underwear
  • woolen socks
  • a comfortable cap
  • woolen gloves

You will be provided with outer clothing which includes a snowmobile suit, gloves, and hat and snow boots.

Breakfast buffet, morning sauna and towels are included.


  • Kiruna airport: 14 km
  • Kiruna train station: 20 km
  • Kaamos Hotel: Approximately 200 meters

The transfer from Kiruna Airport to the Ice Hotel takes approximately 20 minutes per way, from the train station about 30 minutes. An Ice Hotel representative will meet you upon arrival. Your return transfer to the Airport will leave the Ice Hotel reception about 1,5 hrs prior the departure of your flight and about 1 hour prior to the train departure. Kiruna airport is a small airport so that check in and security control go fast. You will find a small shop and a café/restaurant there.


  • Number of Winter Suites: Approximately 15 (varies from year to year)


  • The Ice Hotel is an ice museum that receives daytime visitors from 10am to 6pm. Guests will have access to their rooms outside these hours. After 6pm overnight guests take over.
  • Before your overnight stay, you will store your luggage in the lockers next door to the Ice Hotel. Remember: if you take your luggage with you to your room, it will freeze.
  • Heated washrooms and changing rooms are provided in the heated service building next to the Ice Hotel.
  • Women’s and men’s morning sauna facilities and towels are provided in adjacent buildings.
  • Common areas for changing and personal hygiene are provided next to the sauna facilities.
  • Instead of a door to your hotel room, there is a curtain that you pull shut before retiring.
  • Guided tours for newly arrived overnight guests are conducted daily. The tours provide information about your overnight stay and the history of the Ice Hotel.
  • A breakfast buffet is served in the ICEHOTEL Restaurant (warm restaurant).


  • ICEHOTEL Restaurant: The restaurant is not made of ice. So for an extra touch of the Arctic, many dishes are served on ice plates made from the crystal clear ice of the Torne River. The restaurant is located right next to the reception and is also the place for your breakfast buffet. In the evening they offer an a la carte menu of both traditional dishes and an exciting cross-over cuisine inspired by global culture. Main dishes from SEK 240,-.
  • Hembygdsgården Restaurant: (Old Homestead Restaurant): The restaurant is situated 800 meters from the Ice Hotel and is overlooking the Torne River. In this historical log building, dating from 1768, guests are offered a well composed menu including local delicacies such as elk, reindeer, salmon and arctic char. Main dishes from SEK 190,- .
  • For both restaurants, we recommend table reservations in advance. You can pre-book directly with the hotel (Tel. +46 980 66 800 or or with us by e-mail (

There are buses to the small town of Kiruna which take approximately 30 minutes per way. You can find time tables at the reception at the Ice Hotel and at the bus stops. Please remember to check when the return bus leaves. There is also a small local shop a couple of hundred meters from the Ice Hotel where guests can buy food and drinks.



Hotel rooms in Scandinavia are generally furnished with twin beds, which can be moved together to form a double bed or placed separately (some hotels have double beds though). Unless otherwise specified all rooms have private bathroom facilities, which are often equipped with a shower instead of a bath. Please note that single rooms are generally smaller than doubles. Purpose-built triple or family rooms are likewise unusual in Scandinavian hotels. Whilst it is possible for 3 persons to share a room, this will normally be formed by a double room with an extra bed. As a result space may be restricted.

Unless otherwise clearly specified a standard room/cabin is included in the tour price.

Contact Information
Marknadsvägen 63, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden
+46 980 66 800