Båtsuoj Sami Centre

Staying at the Båtsuoj Sami Centre is truly an experience out of the ordinary. Here you will sleep in a Sami tent on reindeer skins next to a crackling fire (shared accommodation), close to nature. Sleeping in the tent with the smoke winding its way out through the roof can make anyone forget the outside world.

The Sami people want to strengthen the belief in the Sami community and safeguard the quiet virgin nature by creating respect and understanding of our nature. At the centre you will learn how Sami life has evolved over time, how Sami people live in harmony with their reindeers and you will even see when the reindeers are being milked.

Drink coffee cooked over the open fire and try culinary delicacies in the Sami tent such as dried reindeer meat and listen to Sami songs.

Sleeping bag, breakfast, dinner and a light evening meal is included as well as free access to the sauna, boats and fishing.

Please note that there is no electricity or running water at Båtsuoj Sami Centre. Food is prepared over the open fire. There are no showers, but next to the sauna guests can mix hot and cold water in a bowl for rinsing. Toilets are located 25 meters away from the tent. The accommodation is basic but you are living close to nature and will experience authentic Sami Culture.

  • Train station: 17 km (Slagnäs)
  • Number of rooms: 1
  • Non-smoking rooms: 1
  • Handicap rooms: 0
  • Next to the tent you will find toilets and a sauna.

Hotel rooms in Scandinavia are generally furnished with twin beds, which can be moved together to form a double bed or placed separately (some hotels have double beds though). Unless otherwise specified all rooms have private bathroom facilities, which are often equipped with a shower instead of a bath. Please note that single rooms are generally smaller than doubles. Purpose-built triple or family rooms are likewise unusual in Scandinavian hotels. Whilst it is possible for 3 persons to share a room, this will normally be formed by a double room with an extra bed. As a result space may be restricted.

Unless otherwise clearly specified a standard room/cabin is included in the tour price.

Contact Information
Gasa, 930 91 Slagnäs, Sweden
+46 (0) 960-65 10 26