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Authentic Scandinavia is so fortunate to have a highly motivated and professional team with long experience in working with inbound tourism to Scandinavia. The dedicated staff members have different nationalities and educational backgrounds, making them an open-minded and customer-focused team of Scandinavia specialists. What they have in common is their passion for Scandinavia!

Our team


Trude Sivertsen – Director of Sales and Operations
Trude is the heart and soul of Authentic Scandinavia! She has built up the company from the very beginning and made Authentic Scandinavia her "baby no. 1". It has been, and still is, an exciting journey! Trude is Norwegian, born and raised on the west coast of Norway. She has studied tourism at college, worked as a tour leader on coach tours during summer holidays, and has worked with inbound tourism to Scandinavia for almost 15 years. And she is still as passionate as she was at the start – even though you easily take amazing nature for granted when it surrounds you daily. Trude loves to travel herself, so she feels it is a truly grateful job to be able to create dream vacations for other people as well!


Wiebke Gisnås – Sales and Operations Manager
- On maternity leave until middle of June 2016 -
Wiebke joined the team during Trude’s maternity leave, and as she enjoyed it so much she decided to stay! She is originally from Northern Germany where she studied tourism and worked for TUI, one of Europe’s biggest tour operators, before moving to Oslo in 2007. After having fallen in love with a Norwegian she also fell in love with Norway, especially its mountains and fjords! She has travelled to the most remote places, not only in Norway, but the whole of Scandinavia, and by now knows more than many locals. Iceland has a special place in her heart – not only because of its exotic beauty but also since it was here she got engaged.


Victoria Guseynova – Sales and Operations Consultant
Victoria joined Authentic Scandinavia in August 2014. She is originally from Russia where she studied tourism before moving to Norway in 2006. Victoria has worked with inbound tourism to Scandinavia for 7 years and sees it as a great honor to administer tour bookings – making the arrangements which translate into travellers’ experiences during their most valuable time, their holiday. She takes this responsibility very serious and wants to ensure that our customers are given an unforgettable experience when choosing Scandinavia as their travel destination. Victoria loves to travel and Northern Norway found a special place in her heart.


Peter Mangel – Sales and Marketing Manager
Peter was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. He moved to Norway in 2014 and joined Authentic Scandinavia in September 2015 as Sales and Marketing Manager focusing among other things on the German speaking markets. Before coming to Norway Peter spent two years in the US, three years in England and another two years in Switzerland where he worked in travel and education industry as well as in banking. Peter has been coming to Scandinavia regularly since 2005, and is happy to have ended up living in Oslo. Being from Austria he loves the outdoors and any type of skiing which there is plenty of here in Norway. Working for Authentic Scandinavia gives him the perfect opportunity to share his passion for exploring ‘the North’ with both colleagues and customers.

Authentic Scandinavia has several interns throughout the year. These are mainly foreign university students who want to gain some practical experience during their studies. They stay between 3 and 6 months, and are valuable members of the team.

Authentic Scandinavia has joint administration with the rest of the companies within the Haman Group.


Anette Karlsson - CEO
As the CEO and sole proprietor of the Haman Group Anette’s days are not your typical 9-5 job, but she very much enjoys it! Anette was the one who made the dream of Authentic Scandinavia come true. She was born in Småland, Sweden – a rural region which is probably best known as the birth place of well known Swedes such as Astrid Lindgren (author of e.g. Pippi Longstocking) and Ingvar Kamprad (the man behind IKEA). Her interest in inbound tourism to Scandinavia goes back to her student years when she lived in Germany and started working as a tour leader on coach tours to Norway and Sweden. When Haman Group’s travellers call the emergency phone they normally talk with her - She is happy to help even if it is the middle of the night!


Orijana Biberovic – Chief of Accounts
Orijana is born in Bosnia and Herzegovina but came to Norway as a refugee in 1994. She liked the way of life here and decided to stay, first in Bergen for 11 years and now in Oslo. She has worked for the Haman Group since 2010; she has been in charge of Authentic Scandinavia’s accounts since 2011 and in 2013 she became the Chief Accountant of Haman Group. Her contribution is essential to Authentic Scandinavia, and she always says that working in the tourism sector makes her feel that she is part of something greater than digits. Even though she loves to take care of them! Orijana’s immediate team consists of Gökhan and about 4 students working part time.


Wolfgang Reitz – Purchasing Manager
Wolfgang started working for our sister company Haman Scandinavia in 2008 as a Key Account Manager at the group department in Stockholm. He is originally from Germany where he studied tourism and worked several years for TUI, one of Europe´s biggest tour operators. He loves to explore Sweden and Scandinavia when making tours with his motorcycle. In November 2014 Wolfgang moved on to new challenges within the Haman Group when he took over the position as Purchasing Manager. Wolfgang’s immediate team consists of Fredrik and Bente.

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