Tromsø - Winter clothes rental (basic package)


You can rent warm clothing for your stay in Tromsø if you do not have or do not want to buy the necessary garments.

The basic package includes a warm overall, double insulated boots, warm gloves and a winter hat. Those will keep you warm when being outside in Tromsø and during winter activities where warm clothing is not included. As a base layer, we recommend long woolen or thermal underwear and woolen socks; those can not be rented but need to be bought or brought.

  • Availability: Daily from October 1 to May 31
  • Pick up: Clothing rental office in the city centre of Tromsø
  • Sizes: Children and adults from size SX to 8XL
  • Price 2016/2017:
    • 1 day: EUR 30,- per package
    • 2 days: EUR 41,- per package
    • 3 days: EUR 50,- per package
    • 4 days: EUR 58,- per package
    • 5 days: EUR 62,- per package
  • Included: Warm overall, boots, winter hat and gloves
  • Please note: We need information about your height, weight and shoe size with your booking to assure availability in your size